Law enforcement, West Side neighborhood take part in block walk to advocate for safety

Crime in the area has caused concern to spread among residents

SAN ANTONIO – The community surrounding Saint Timothy’s Catholic Church on the West Side organized a block walk to advocate for safety.

They invited local law enforcement to join them, including San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

“Within the last month so far, we have had two shootings and a stabbing,” said Natalia Soriano Tovar, long-time community member.

“We hear gun shots every night and we just wait for the ambulance to see if we hear a siren. That’s when it’s tragic,” said Jesse Ramos, another community member.

The event started with a prayer in the church parking lot and then the group walked through the neighborhood to show officers the problem areas. They also wanted other neighbors to be able to meet the men and women in law enforcement who are there to protect them.

A young boy, Ethan, and his father Frank Gonzalez, took notice of the walk from the front steps of their apartment. The father was appreciative, the boy in awe, but never losing sight of tonight’s message.

“It feels pretty good, ‘cause it’s a pretty rough neighborhood,” said Gonzalez.

Residents are asking for more of a San Antonio police officer presence in the area, and Chief McManus said he would look into it.

“Anything that’s pointed out tonight we’ll follow up on. If we have to come up with a plan, then we’ll come up with that plan and we’ll share that plan with them,” said Chief McManus.

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