Texas native’s career thrives months after viral TikTok song ‘Beer Beer, Truck Truck’

The song, which started out as a response to a joke TikTok video, has surpassed 10 million streams

AUSTIN, Texas – The power of social media can be life-changing, and no one knows that more than Austin-native George Birge.

He turned a TikTok response video into a top-charting song, ultimately launching his career as a country artist.

The hit song began its viral journey on June 18, 2021. That was the day that changed Birge’s life forever.

But, let’s quickly backtrack.

The country artist had a calling for music pretty much his whole life while growing up in Austin.

“I’ve been playing Sixth Street since I was 14-years-old with SX {guitar} on my hand,” Birge said. “Being in the live music capital of the world, it’s a pretty special place to grow up just because there’s music everywhere.”

Music is something he couldn’t get away from.

“I try to go to college and get a desk job and do the right thing,” Birge said. “But I just was always obsessed with writing and singing country music. I live for it.”

But when the time is right... the time is right.

So let’s jump ahead.

The inspiration for the song “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” came from Erynn Chambers, a social media influencer and TikToker.

She posted a joke video about country songs on TikTok, ultimately giving the melody for the song.

Birge responded and their fates aligned.

“It feels pretty amazing just to see how the internet can kind of come together like that,” Chambers said. “It’s been an entirely positive experience in terms of like all of my interactions with George have been great and he was always very upfront about giving me credit.”

“I think that there was just a lot for people to connect to that song,” Birge said. “As a songwriter, I felt super flattered to be getting all these comments of people telling me how they put the story into their own lives.”

Now let’s skip to what has followed after the song’s release.

Birge made a guest appearance on The Bobby Bones Country Radio Show in late June.

He was on NPR’s “All Things Considered” in August.

Featured on a song alongside Rapper Nelly in August.

He also appeared on the tours of artists like Jake Owen and Brantley Gilbert.

And, he co-wrote songs on Clay Walker’s latest album “Texas to Tennessee,” which released in July.

In fact, Walker actually was the one to convince Birge to join TikTok.

“George is the real deal,” Walker said. “He’s an incredible singer and songwriter -- the complete package.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that the song has been completely life-changing for me,” Birge said.

Fast forwarding to now, nearly six months later.

“Mind on you” is his newest single, and it’s available now on any streaming platform.

He’s finishing up on tour and putting the final touches on his EP, which is expected to come out next year.

“Beer Beer, Truck Truck” has surpassed 10-million streams.

Birge hopes this TikTok song sensation is the start to a long-lasting career.

“Country music is my passion,” Birge said. “It’s what I love to do. And so as far as I can take it, that’s how far I want to go.”

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