Survey results: More than half of KSAT readers changing spending habits due to high gas prices

Readers also share tips on saving money

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio drivers have been feeling the squeeze at the gas pump, according to a recent KSAT 12 News survey.

As gas prices soared throughout San Antonio and the rest of the country, KSAT conducted a survey over the past week asking readers how the rising cost of fuel affected them. The survey garnered more than 550 responses as of Friday.

See today’s gas prices here.

More than 60% of respondents said they were “very worried” about gas prices, while 22% said they were “somewhat worried.” Those prices hit new record highs in San Antonio last week, but have since dropped to an average of $3.91 per gallon as of Friday.

More than half — 56% — say they are having to reconsider how they are spending their money due to the cost of fuel, while a quarter of respondents said they’ve had to change their spending habits “a bit” since prices began soaring.

Some have also resorted to cutting back on trips. Roughly 45% of those surveyed said they are driving less than normal.

Despite the rise in gas prices, most of those surveyed have stuck to their favorite gas stations. More than half said they are sticking to their regular choice for gas, while 45% said they are shopping around more, searching for the best price.

Motorists also haven’t flocked to buses yet in search of relief from gas prices. Of those surveyed, 88% say they have not considered using VIA, San Antonio’s public transit system. Only 1% of respondents say they have already started using VIA. When asked if they would consider other public transit options, 60% of respondents said no.

Many offered their own money-saving tips including:

  • Take advantage of credit card offers on gas.
  • Plan multiple errands during one outing.
  • Before going to shop at a store, check their apps for digital coupons.
  • Keep up with your car maintenance and make sure your tires have enough air in them.

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