District 3 councilwoman, SAPD co-host a public safety town hall

Across the city, there has been an increase in violent gun-related crimes.

Following an increase in gun violence, District 3 Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran and SAPD Chief William McManus are co-hosting a public safety town hall.

SAN ANTONIO – District 3 City Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran is co-hosting a town hall with San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

The goal is to refine public safety standards for her district.

It’s something neighbors in a South Side community are ready for after an overnight shooting came too close to home.

An alarming sight was captured on a doorbell camera.

”Call the ambulance, please. I’m shot,” the unknown man in the video said as the homeowner opened the door.

The man stumbled to the door and had blood running down his arms. The homeowner said he was caught off-guard by the incident.

“Startled I guess by the whole thing. We were asleep, heard gunshots and then about a minute later, we hear the doorbell ring,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner didn’t want to show his face.

KSAT 12 caught up with him as he was trying to clean the blood from his front steps and driveway.

“We hear a lot of gunshots all of the time, except they’re further away. But this time, it sounded like it was right outside our window,” he said.

According to police, the man in the doorbell video was shot three times in the 6800 block of Pecan Valley.

He stumbled a block away to Anza Street before police were called and he was taken to the hospital.

Right now, police don’t have a description of the shooter or any details about what led up to the shooting.

”I don’t know, I hope he’s doing all right,” the homeowner said.

Nextdoor Rosalinda Segura and her husband Julian were also woken up by gunshots.

“Bang bang bang bang bang, you can count the shots that are being shot,” Rosalinda said.

The couple has lived in their home for 50 years. They tell us the violence has gotten uncomfortably close.

“We always had the problems but not like it’s coming in now. It’s just terrible,” Rosalinda said.

It’s a problem Councilwoman Viagran is hoping to address alongside Chief McManus at a public safety town hall.

In a statement Councilwoman Viagran said:

“Making our city safer means listening to the community. Our goal is to engage the District 3 residents in conversation to help the City refine public safety priorities. Community collaboration will be the key in moving the City forward.”

Phyllis Viagran, District 3 Councilwoman

While the man whose doorbell camera caught one of the latest gun violence victims won’t be in attendance, he thinks this meeting is a good idea.

”I’m sure everybody in the neighborhood would be glad to know that they’re doing something about it,” he said.

Participants in this town hall will hear about public safety priorities in the district as well as have time to ask Councilwoman Viagran and Chief McManus questions.

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