‘Strange creature’ caught wandering Brackenridge Park after Amarillo mystery, SA Zoo says

Speculations on social media indicate it may be Timothy the hippo

A "strange creature" was spotted at San Antonio Zoo. (San Antonio Zoo)

SAN ANTONIO – Shortly after the “Unidentified Amarillo Object” was spotted in the Texas panhandle, the San Antonio Zoo says it also needs the public’s help in identifying a “mysterious figure” caught wandering Brackenridge Park.

The zoo took to social media Sunday, sharing a photo of this “strange creature” that was captured overnight on security camera footage.

Based on the photo, the creature appears to have four short and stout legs, a large rotund body and a large nose. To the casual eye, it almost appears to resemble one of the zoo’s famous hippos. Could it be Timothy?

Now this hasn’t been confirmed by zoo officials as of yet, though Timothy the hippo’s Facebook page has also commented on the image.

What do you think? Chupacabra, or hippo?

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