Puppy recovering after mouth bound shut, abandoned at San Antonio shelter, SAPA! says

Community has stepped up to help cover Bonnie’s medical care, San Antonio Pets Alive! says

Bonnie was abandoned at ACS and had a ligature around her mouth, so she wasn't able to eat, drink or breathe properly. (San Antonio Pets Alive!)

SAN ANTONIO – Bonnie, the lovable Australian Shepherd puppy that was abandoned at Animal Care Services while covered in urine, dirt and feces with her mouth bound shut, is still recovering from her injuries.

San Antonio Pets Alive! shared the story of Bonnie in an Instagram post on Wednesday, saying she suffered severe abuse for an extended amount of time, and only weighed six pounds because she couldn’t eat.

As of Friday, SAPA! marketing and public relations manager Stephanie Paz Perez said Bonnie is still recovering, and they are expecting an update on her condition soon.

SAPA! took Bonnie into their care after a woman brought her into ACS last week, according to ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood.

The woman indicated that she found the puppy at a gas station, but did not provide any further details and was “kind of mysterious,” Norwood said.

She added that once the woman handed the dog, which was “obviously hurting when she came in,” over to ACS staff, the woman ran off.

Bonnie’s nose and mouth were pale and swollen from the lack of blood flow from some type of ligature that was placed over her snout. She was also missing hair and had scarring from the material.

“Obviously, she wasn’t in this state for just a matter of hours, and it wasn’t an accident. Someone did this to her on purpose,” SAPA! said in the post.

The 5-month-old puppy couldn’t eat, drink, clean herself or breathe properly during the time her mouth was bound shut.

Norwood said the ligature was so tightly bound that it impacted the growth of the puppy’s teeth.

The ligature was likely on the puppy for several weeks.

SAPA! said that “underneath all her fur is skin and bones,” adding that it was difficult for her to walk “but still manages to be in good spirits- wagging her tail and lifting her head up, knowing that she is now being helped and cared for. "

Bonnie was taken to an urgent care clinic for around-the-clock monitoring. In the post, SAPA! said that her medical costs would amount to about $2,000.

Perez told KSAT on Friday that all that money was raised by donors, but the cost could increase due to the amount of time Bonnie has spent at the clinic.

Anyone who wants to donate money to Bonnie’s medical care can do so by clicking here. Any remaining funds will go toward the care of other rescues, according to SAPA!

The shelter is currently in need of supplies like puppy pads, gloves, Ziploc sandwich bags and cat litter. Supplies can be dropped off or sent to the shelter’s medical care center at 9107 Marbach Road.

ACS is investigating the abuse case. Once identified, the person responsible for Bonnie’s abuse could face a third-degree felony, Norwood said.

Anyone who witnesses animal abuse is urged to call 311.

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