Over 30 volunteers help clean up trash out of Salado Creek on Saturday

River Aid San Antonio welcomes volunteers to help keep our waterways clean

A nonprofit organization in San Antonio braved the heat on Saturday to help rid Salado Creek of trash. KSAT's Jonathan Cotto spent the morning with the volunteer cleanup crews.

SAN ANTONIO – The nonprofit River Aid San Antonio hosted a clean up event Saturday with over 30 volunteers.

Volunteers focused on a portion of the Salado Creek near Sir Winston Drive and Blanco Road.

Two months ago, the group picked up more than 6,000 pounds of trash at a portion of Salado Creek and on Friday, trash again filled the area.

“We are all connected to this program. Even if you don’t use Salado Creek, even if you don’t think you liter, the whole city is tied to our creeks through our watersheds. When it rains, things that are in your backyard, your pets waste, that ecoli, gets down to the river, gets down to the creek. Likewise with the litter,” said Charles Blank, executive director of River Aid San Antonio.

The nonprofit hosted its first cleanup event in early 2021 and haven’t stopped since.

“In our first year, we picked up 66,000 pounds of trash. Today we’re above 100,” Blank said.

The nonprofit hosts several clean ups each month. On Saturday, they will be cleaning starting at 8 a.m. For more information you can click here.

The nonprofit River Aid San Antonio is hosting a clean up event on Saturday and is looking for volunteers.

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