Window shot out at Bexar County Democratic Party headquarters

Random act or political violence under investigation

A large glass window at the storefront of the Bexar County Democratic Party headquarters was shattered by gunfire overnight.

SAN ANTONIOBexar County Democratic Party headquarters was among three storefronts in the 1800 block of Fredericksburg Road that were shot at overnight from someone on a passing motorcycle.

Along with a front window at the Democratic party offices, the double-paned floor-to-ceiling window at Panaderia Jimenez Mexican Bakery also was shattered by a separate impact.

A third storefront at the end of the retail center next to the bakery had a small hole at the bottom of its front window.

No one was injured during the shooting.

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, the third location is where District Attorney Joe Gonzales and Peter Sakai, the Democratic candidate for Bexar County Judge, have their campaign offices.

Gonzales spoke about the shooting at an afternoon news conference in his role as District Attorney defending Bexar County Democrats.

“I am deeply disturbed by this act of political violence,” Gonzales said.

Although pending further investigation, and given two other storefronts were hit, Gonzales said, “It could be pure, random acts of violence, and that’s certainly possible.”

The sheriff also said there had been other recent similar acts of violence along the same stretch of Fredericksburg in the popular Deco District.

The shooting was captured on surveillance video. You can see that video in the main video player at the top of this article.

Monica Alcantara, the Bexar County Democratic chair, said it was more than just a coincidence.

“The party has seen this type of act, not to this extent,” Alcantara said, but disturbing nonetheless.

She said messages, which are “not pleasant,” have been left on vehicle windows, volunteers and workers have been followed when they leave, people have barged in yelling at them, and flags supporting former President Trump have been found on their doorstep.

“This type of intimidation or tactics will not be tolerated,” Alcantara said.

She said, if anything, they serve to motivate volunteers further to get out the vote in November.

Instead of calling the San Antonio police, Salazar said his investigators arrived at the scene soon after Alcantara called him saying she’d be unable to attend this morning’s Commissioners Court meeting because of what had happened overnight.

Salazar said the Sheriff’s Office would share what it has with San Antonio police. He said his deputies were unable to find any bullets or shell casings, so it’s possible a BB gun may have been used.

Even so, Salazar said if it’s determined the incident “crosses the line over into breaking the law, trying to make some sort of a statement or intimidate. That’s not something we’ll allow.”

The district attorney also said, “I will be working hand in hand with law enforcement to prosecute this person or persons to the full extent of the law when they are arrested and charged.”

Watch the full press conference here:

A large glass window at the storefront of the Bexar County Democratic Party headquarters was shattered by gunfire in the early morning hours of Aug. 23, 2022.

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