Smith Elementary School invites grandparents to do arts and crafts, reading with their grandchildren

Sunday was National Grandparents’ Day

It’s a day celebrating the bond that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren.

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a day celebrating the bond that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Smith Elementary School hosted its first Grandparents’ Day, filled with arts and crafts and reading.

“My grandchildren are my world,” Wanda Jenkins, a grandmother, said.

It was a special morning for Jenkins, who spent time with her two grandchildren.

“This means so much to me, because I get a chance to read to them and ask them questions. See how much they learn,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins and other grandparents were invited to the school for the celebration.

Grandparents also learned some reading strategies that they can practice with their grandchildren at home.

“We gave them a really cool resource with higher level questions that they can ask their grandchildren. They are making picture frame, decorating them. We are taking pictures of them so they can add to their picture frame today,” Myra Gutierrez-Ibarra, principal at Smith Elementary School said.

The event allowed children to express themselves.

Children made posters for their grandparents and decorated flowers where they shared their favorite memories.

Gutierrez-Ibarra said this year, they are focusing on family involvement and engagement.

“Because our grandparents play such an important role in the family of our children, many of them are the primary caregivers or the guardians. It’s important we open our doors to our families, to our grandparents as well,” Gutierrez-Ibarra said.

The school plans to host other events for parents later this school year.

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