Last Chance Ministries left picking up the pieces after being burglarized, vandalized

A few laptops, iPads, and three catalytic converters were stolen.

Last Chance Ministries was burglarized and vandalized overnight -- the inside of their church and their shuttle busses were hit.

SAN ANTONIO – Last Chance Ministries was recently burglarized and vandalized -- the inside of the church and their shuttle busses were hit.

Church members said they don’t understand why a place of worship would ever be a target for anyone, much less a place that gives back to their community.

“This church does a lot for everybody around here. It’s just sad that people would do that,” said church member Salvador Gomez.

Michelle Cruz also attends Last Chance Ministries and said, “Heartbreaking, sad, but at the same time you got to have love and compassion and pray for that individual.”

Last Chance Ministries Pastor Jimmy Robles said a few laptops, iPads, and three catalytic converters were stolen.

He fears his church being targeted is much more than someone trying to make a quick buck. Adding, an anointment oil used for blessings was instead used to send a message.

“They grabbed the bottle, and they just poured it all over on the altar, where we pray. It’s more of an act of hate because they could have taken a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t like that. It was more just like angry,” said Pastor Robles.

The pastor said this break-in is a setback but won’t stop them from giving back to the community. He thinks this is a sign of the current times we live in where not even places of worship are safe.

“Even the Bible says evil days are coming. I think those evil days are here. People just don’t care, and they don’t have a heart,” said Robles.

We emailed San Antonio Police about the incident. They tell us, they are investigating but have no suspects at this time.

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