These are easy ways to add value to your home

You don’t need to spend weeks or months renovating to increase the value of your home

If you’re looking for some easy ways to add value to your home, expert Mallory Micetich at Angi says it’s easier than it sounds.

Kitchen remodels and roof replacements are probably the first projects that come to mind. However, you don’t need to spend weeks or months renovating to increase the value of your home.

“Look no further than your living room,” Micetich says. “Living rooms make a big impact when people are thinking about buying a home, and things like painting that room or adding an accent wall have a really nice return on that investment. For a couple gallons of paint and maybe some sweat equity, you can get about a 53 percent return on investment.”

And don’t forget about the impact that lighting can have on potential buyers.

Updating your living room’s lighting is a quick project that can make a big difference when your house is on the market.

If your living room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, add in a few light sources throughout the space to liven things up.

“If you’re looking for another project that can add to your home’s value, look no further than your windows,” Micetich says. “They may not be something that buyers immediately think about, but the impact windows make is pretty big. Both in terms of your home’s energy efficiency and the overall aesthetic and look of your home. Window projects can take days or maybe around a week but are a great way to kind of increase your value. The average return on a window project is upwards of 68 percent.”

While you’re at it, consider replacing your entry doors too. The entire project can be completed in one day and can help reduce your energy bills, especially if you live in a cold climate.

For the highest return on your investment, choose durable, aesthetically pleasing doors.

“If you’re looking for one more project that is always gonna add value to your home and provide great ROI, consider your garage door,” Micetich says.

“A new garage door replacement is only gonna take a couple hours or a day with the right pro and is gonna drive a 94 percent ROI. Additionally, new garage doors are gonna be durable, they’re gonna be more long lasting and they’re gonna help maintain climate control in your garage space.”