Team KSAT fundraises more than $30,000 during No-Shave November

The funds collected will help those impacted by cancer

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The men in the KSAT newsroom have exceeded their fundraising goal as part of No-Shave November.

No-Shave November has become an annual tradition around the country. It’s a time when men put their razor blades down and let their facial hair grow for 30 days. But it’s not just an excuse to get out of shaving — the cause holds a special meaning.

It has been part of an ongoing effort to raise money that will go back toward cancer research, treatment and prevention.

The fundraising efforts began in 2009, when the Hill family of Chicago lost their father, Matthew Hill, to colon cancer. His children began a Facebook group to help raise money in November. Since then, the mission has grown across the country.

Last year, 15 guys from the KSAT newsroom participated in the fundraising efforts. Each member shared their stories about how cancer touched their lives, which makes the campaign that much more personal.

As of Thursday, Dec. 1, Team KSAT has raised more than $30,000.

There will be 13 cancer foundations that will benefit from this year’s fundraiser. Sara Svendsen is the executive director of the Matthew Hill Foundation. She said since the nonprofit’s inception, more organizations have benefited through fundraising efforts.

“Over the past two years, we’ve really broadened our horizons because different causes mean so much to different people. We have some that are lobbying on capitol hill for better research funds. We have others that are helping patients, boots on the ground,” she said.

Svendsen believes every penny counts in the fight against cancer.

“We put our money where our mouth is and we give back every single thing we can to organizations that are doing great work,” said Svendsen.

Although the month of November is over, donations can still be made through the end of the year.

The men in the KSAT newsroom are getting into a hairy situation. No-Shave November is back and so are the whiskers.

See the messages below on what motivated some of the participants:

  • Mark Austin - “I’m doing No Shave November in memory of 1SG David Larson. An infantryman in the U.S. Army, his combat deployments around the world included places like Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Dave survived countless ambushes, firefights and an IED blast only to be diagnosed with colon cancer. After 26 years of military service and lengthy medical treatments here in San Antonio, he lost that battle in 2019. He left behind his wife Simone and their daughter Charlotte. I’m doing this for all three of them. Even though I never met Dave in person, my respect for this soldier, son, husband and father could not be deeper. His life mattered.”
  • John Paul Barajas - “My grandfather always said it’s nice to be nice! And it’s words I try to live by. It always feels good when you do the right thing or perform an act of kindness. Putting my razor away for a month in hopes of raising money to beat cancer is the least I can do. Bring on the facial hair!”
  • Azian Bermea - “This is my second time to take part in No-Shave November. Usually, don’t do it for a selfish reason. I don’t like having a beard. However, I’m participating this year because having a beard for a month is nothing compared to what those who have to go through cancer treatments weeks on end. So please join me in raising money to show our support for the individuals who are diagnosed with cancer every day and those who work to find a cure.”
  • Steven Cavazos - “No Shave November is not just about how much you can grow but how much you can give. So many wonderful organizations will benefit and the money we raise can really make a difference. We all know someone who has been impacted by this disease so let’s open our hearts and our pocketbooks where we can.”
  • Dillon Collier - “Every person I know has been impacted by cancer and its various forms. My father and my grandfather and are just a couple of my loved ones who have died from this terrible disease. No Shave November is my annual opportunity to use the platform of television to put a spotlight on this fight and raise money for the continued efforts to combat cancer. To see KSAT play such a prominent role in this endeavor on a national scale is awe-inspiring and brings me great pride.”
  • Jonathan Cotto - “I, like so many people have either lost someone or know of someone who is currently battling cancer and I hope to be able to contribute my grain of sand in not only raising awareness but promoting prevention, research and finding a cure.”
  • Justin Horne - “No Shave November has grown into something big here at KSAT and I could not be happier. We grow the beards and people notice. That’s exactly what we hope for. Folks either see the beards and ask about it, or it reminds them that it’s the time of year to donate to a good cause. That cause is fighting cancer. It’s something that has affected us all. My grandfather passed away from cancer and my mom had a brush with cancer. And I know there are so many families struggling with cancer right now. We hope to help by raising as much money as we can for research. Last year, the men of KSAT raised close to $10,000. We’re aiming even higher this year. If you are so inclined, support our beards and donate!”
  • Ken Huizar - “I am joining this challenge in honor of my mother who passed away five years ago in the middle of November, my wife’s aunts and two of my uncle’s who passed away from cancer. I am hoping the money we raise as I group will help Dr’s. find a cure for this disease.”
  • RJ Marquez - “I am extremely honored to be a part of our 2022 KSAT No Shave November Crew! I am taking part in this endeavor not only to raise money and awareness to help fight cancer, but to honor loved ones that have lost their lives to this terrible disease. My uncle Gerardo “Gera” Garcia passed away in 2013. He was my aunt Gloria’s husband and essentially another brother for my mom and her siblings. He loved soccer (!) and everyone misses him to this day. And I think about the amazing Wisdom family parents, Diana and Richard, and the loss of their son Bryce. Bryce’s fight and spirit were such an inspiration to the entire San Antonio community and beyond. This is a tremendous platform and I’m proud to be taking part along with my KSAT co-workers.”
  • Max Massey - “I cannot think of a better platform to raise awareness and raise funds to help fight cancer. I have so many friends and family members who have gone through, passed away from, or are going through a battle with cancer. This is not just a month to avoid shaving. It is a way for our viewers and friends on social media to see a stark difference in our normal year-round appearance and this month. Last year we raised a lot and we exceeded our goal, but hopefully this year we can raise more, help fund more research and help more families in our community and around the country.”
  • Mike Osterhage - “Men aren’t always comfortable when it comes to their health issues. So hopefully by talking about why we’re not shaving and men’s health, guys will be more aware and more at ease discussing it.”
  • Steve Spriester - “Put away the razor for November. I grow the beard each year in memory of my Uncle Terry, who died from cancer way too young. By the time he found out he had colon cancer it was too late. The beard is also a reminder that I, and all men, need to take care of ourselves and get regular check-ups. It’s also a visible way to fight cancer. If you’d like, join me and my KSAT Beard Brothers as we raise money during No Shave November.”

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Steven Cavazos is a traffic anchor and general assignments reporter in the weekday mornings at KSAT 12.