Teens are using realistic looking guns to shoot gel balls at people in Seguin, police say

‘This is Texas. People carry real guns here,’ police warn

Orbeez gun (Seguin Police Department)

SEGUIN, Texas – Seguin police are warning local teens and their parents about the dangers of Orbeez guns after they say unsuspecting citizens have been shot with the gel balls.

Police posted a warning to Facebook Wednesday afternoon saying they have received multiple 911 calls involving Orbeez guns.

“On all of our 911 calls, the shooters have been teenagers,” police said.

“This is a fantastic time to sit your teen down and remind them of a few things. Like this is Texas. People carry real guns here and someone might feel compelled to use one if they believe they or their families are being shot and attacked,” the post states.

Seguin police noted that it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between an Orbeez gun from a real gun at night or from a moving vehicle.

“Our victims have only seen the suspects holding a gun and then they’re getting shot,” said police.

In some instances, police said the gel balls have been frozen to make them hit harder and cause pain.

Officers are reminding the public that teens 17 and older who commit crimes involving Orbeez guns ranging from property damage to assault, injury, or worse, will go to jail.

“Real jail. Causing bodily injury and harm to someone and damaging property that is not yours are indeed real crimes,” police said. “If they are younger than 17, they can still be prosecuted for these crimes and you as a parent are on the hook for their actions.”

Police suggest that Orbeez guns be used in a controlled and supervised environment.

“Let’s put a stop to this behavior now before someone is seriously hurt. Talk to your kids,” police said.

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