Cibolo police warn about splat gun TikTok challenge, say teens could be arrested

Police say gel projectiles can cause injuries

File Photo of a water bead gel ball gun also known as a splat gun. (Copyright 2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

CIBOLO, Texas – Police in Cibolo are warning teens that if they shoot someone with a splat gun, they could be arrested.

The Cibolo Police Department posted the warning on its Facebook page saying there have been incidents of residents being shot.

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Splat guns, also known as splatter guns, are toy air guns that shoot a water or gel bead.

“Although marketed as toys, these gel projectiles can cause bodily injury. Incidents such as these are not funny, it is not a game, and can be an arrestable offense,” Cibolo PD posted.

Police said they believe the recent incidents were motivated by a TikTok challenge.

“We ask our residents to please be observant and exercise situational awareness when outdoors. If you are a victim or witness to these incidents, please call Schertz Dispatch immediately at 210-619-1272 to report the incident,” the post stated.

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