Robb Elementary shooting survivor surrounded by support this holiday season

12-year-old Miah Cerrillo is still unable to return to school

UVALDE – Days before Christmas, survivors of the Robb Elementary shooting are holding each other close.

Between rooms 111 and 112, 11 children survived the tragedy, including Miah Cerrillo.

“A golf cart, meeting Bad Bunny, makeup, more brushes, and a Nintendo switch. New AirPods because I lost one, and a puppy,” Miah said reading off her Christmas list.

The holidays are in full swing at the Cerrillo household, the stockings are hung, the tree decorated and the kids have their lists for Santa.

“I’m just thankful for her, that’s all I’m... that’s all I’m grateful for,” Miguel Cerrillo, Miah’s dad said.

Their holidays feel different this year and the Uvalde traditions are changed.

“Uvalde has a lot of stuff to do, like for the kids and some of the stuff she’s not wanting to go because of the crowds or she’s not feeling sure of herself or just scared,” Abigale Veloz, Miah’s mom said.

Now 12 years old, Miah shared her story of survival with members of Congress in June.

She told the elected leaders about how she covered herself in blood and hid as a gunman killed her friends, classmates, and teachers.

“She says she was hiding by the backpacks. So this is like where the bullets went in through,” Veloz said showing us Miah’s backpack from that day.

Miah has shrapnel from bullets in her shoulder and back, but the mental scares are a daily challenge.

“I have trouble at home,” Miah said.

“What do you mean by that?” KSAT 12 reporter Leigh Waldman asked.

“Like I don’t like sleeping alone,” Miah said.

She said she wants to be a doctor someday, to help others the way she’s been helped.

Miah’s mom, Abigale Veloz, said Miah survived a tumor on her liver when she was three years old.

“Talk to me about what the word ‘survivor’ means to you,” Waldman said.

“Magical,” Miah responded.

Since the shooting, Miah has received cards from people around the world, offering prayers, kindness, and gifts to help her get through the hard days. Veloz said it helps the whole family.

“When people send us prayers and stuff, I love it,” Veloz said. “I’m just really happy that, you know, like he said, we’re complete.”

On Miah’s wrist, a gift from one of the angels watching over her.

“This one Tess made me,” Miah said showing us the bracelet.

About the Authors:

Leigh Waldman is a news reporter at KSAT 12. She joined the station in 2021. Leigh comes to San Antonio from the Midwest after spending time at a station in Omaha, NE. After two winters there, she knew it was time to come home to Texas. When Leigh is not at work, she enjoys eating, playing with her dogs and spending time with family.

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