Weigh in: Which Super Bowl ad dominated? Vote for your favorite commercial of the night

Dunkin’, PopCorners, T-Mobile had some of the most talked about ads

The best and worst 2023 Super Bowl ads

While the Chiefs and Eagles battled it out on the field, there’s always another battle on Super Bowl night — which commercials came out on top.

We all have different tastes so the competition may be as tight as Sunday night’s game or as controversial as the questionable late penalty against the Eagles — but usually, we can all agree on a few favorites.

To vote on your favorite commercial of the night, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Arguably, one of the most anticipated commercials was the Dunkin’ ad starring Ben Affleck. It was talked about for weeks ahead of the big night after the actor was seen working in a Boston drive-thru.

It wasn’t the only commercial giving Boston some love. Sam Adams also played into the Boston stereotypes and famous accent.

Some of the best ads worked because of nostalgia — like T-Mobile’s “Grease”-inspired ad, Workday’s ad featuring 80s rock stars and the Rakuten “Clueless” parody.

Parodies are often a winning strategy for Super Bowl ads, like PopCorners’ “Breaking Bad” ad and Michelob Ultra’s take on “Caddy Shack.”

Many popular Super Bowl commercials feature celebrities poking a little fun at themselves, like the T-Mobile ad featuring Bradley Cooper and his mom or Sylvester Stallone being, well, Sylvester Stallone.

Not all the commercials were gold. Many people agreed — the avocado commercial featuring Anna Faris may have missed the mark.

It wasn’t the only stinker. The Hellman’s mayonnaise commercial went over like a bad dad joke.

And this Tubi commercial had a lot of people reaching for the remote.

Here are a few more buzzed-about commercials you may have missed:

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