Moses Rose’s owner says negotiations with TGLO ‘unsuccessful,’ eminent domain threat still looming

Downtown bar lies in the footprint of planned Alamo Visitor Center & Museum

SAN ANTONIO – The owner of Moses Rose’s Hideout said Wednesday’s negotiations with the Texas General Land Office were “unsuccessful,” and the threat of eminent domain takeover is still a possibility.

The bar’s owner, Vince Cantu, his wife and his lawyer addressed the media during a press conference, appearing disappointed and frustrated.

“All I can say is we will continue to fight. My family will continue to fight,” Cantu said. “We will continue to fight for fairness and respect.”

Details surrounding the negotiation process were limited, and the dollar amount the Cantu family is asking for their property hasn’t been released due to confidentiality. It’s also unknown how much the Texas General Land Office offered them.

The bar currently sits on East Houston Street, in the footprint of a planned Alamo Visitor Center and Museum.

The Cantu family’s lawyer, Dan Eldridge, said as of now, they’re still the owners of Moses Rose’s.

“Tomorrow, the Cantu family continues to own their property. This is their property,” Eldridge said. “If that changes, it’s going to be because either the Cantu family decides that they want to sell, or someone decides that they have the courage to use eminent domain.”

The city can still employ its power to condemn the property on behalf of the Texas General Land Office. Although, it’s unclear what is next in the negotiating process.

“Personally, it should not be used to acquire property on the ground of the Alamo. This is not the time to use that power,” Eldridge said. “I can’t say what the other parties are going to do.”

The city issued a statement to KSAT on the negotiations, shared below:

“Mediation was unsuccessful but the Alamo Project Team is open to further discussion.”

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