Lytle under stage 4 water restrictions as Edward’s Aquifer level falls

No watering is allowed on weekends, city officials said

LYTLE, Texas – The city of Lytle is now under stage four water restrictions as the Edwards Aquifer level drops amid a lack of rainfall.

An alert was sent Friday from Lytle City Hall stating that stage four water restrictions are now in place since the 10-day rolling average of the Edwards Aquifer level dropped below 630 feet.

Lytle city officials said stage 4 rules are as follows:

  • Landscape watering is allowed only every other week with an irrigation system, sprinkler, or soaker hose from 7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m. on your designated watering day, as determined by your address.
  • Watering with drip irrigation is allowed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but only from 7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m.
  • Watering with a hand-held hose is allowed at any time on any day.
  • All non-public swimming pools must have a minimum of 25 percent of the surface area covered when not in use. Inflatable pool toys or floating decorations may be used for this purpose.
  • Washing impervious cover such as parking lots, driveways, streets, or sidewalks is prohibited.
  • Residential car washing is allowed during drought once per week on Saturday or Sunday as long as there is no water waste.
  • The use of commercial car wash facilities is allowed any day.
  • Hotels, motels, and other lodgings must limit linen/towel changes to once every three nights, except for health and safety.
  • Water waste is prohibited at all times. This includes lawn watering overspray and runoff.
  • Restaurants may serve water only on request (to reduce dishwashing).
  • Charity car washes are allowed only at commercial car wash facilities.

Last Digit of Address Watering Day:

  • 0 or 1 Monday
  • 2 or 3 Tuesday
  • 4 or 5 Wednesday
  • 6 or 7 Thursday
  • 8 or 9 Friday

Areas without a street address, such as medians and neighborhood entryways, may water on Wednesdays.

No watering is allowed on weekends.

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