Uptick of pests expected after record breaking heat this summer

Insects seek comfort from the heat in your homes

Spiders, ants, beetles, roaches and many other bugs are expected to make their way into your homes this fall.

Pest Control Professional, Zachary Smith, says this is because of the record-breaking heat we saw this summer.

“Insects are very driven by heat,” Smith said.

Smith says the hot summer helped speed up the breeding cycles of insects. Now that we are slowly cooling down and seeing some rain, this helps the breeding cycle continue.

“A bug’s lifestyle is almost entirely determined by temperature. So the hotter it is, the faster they go through changes,” said Smith.

There are many factors that play into these bugs coming into your home. Air conditioning, standing water, lots of weeds and leaves in our yards are all very attractive to insects.

“We’re going to do things that make ourselves more comfortable and that is also going to make a lot of bugs and rodents more comfortable,” Smith said.

Smith recommends making sure your doors and windows are sealed to help keep bugs out. He also recommends getting rid of any standing water and keeping your yard clean in order to keep bugs away.

When it comes to having your house sprayed, Smith recommends getting a pest control professional out regularly.

About the Author:

Halee Powers is a KSAT producer primarily focused on digital newscasts and events.