Video shows shark attacking kayak off coast of Hawaii

Fisherman Scott Haraguchi was a mile off Kualoa in Oahu when he encountered the shark

SAN ANTONIO – A Hawaii man has a new fishing story to tell — and show — after his kayak was attacked by a tiger shark.

Scott Haraguchi was fishing about a mile offshore from Kualoa in Oahu when a shark suddenly swam up and bit his kayak.

“I heard a whooshing sound that sounded like a boat heading towards me without the motor and I looked up and I saw this big brown thing my brain thought it was a turtle but then I got slammed by it and realized that it was a tiger shark,” Haraguchi told KITV in Hawaii.

Haraguchi had accidentally left his GoPro on after he caught a fish, so the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

“It’s incredibly bad luck but it’s incredibly good luck to capture it,” he said. See the video in the player above.

Haraguchi said he kicked the shark off and then kept on fishing. He later noticed a wounded seal, which he believes was the shark’s prey.

He said the shark may have mistaken his kayak for the seal.

The marks on his kayak were minimal, he said, but he’s going to bring a partner for future excursions.

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