Riders get stuck on Six Flags Fiesta Texas roller coaster after sensor alert

Batman riders stuck for 45 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, no injuries reported

By RJ Marquez - Digital Content Curator

(Image shared to KSAT by Terri Scott Crysel)

SAN ANTONIO - Riders of a popular attraction at Six Flags Fiesta Texas had a bit of a scare on Tuesday when the Batman roller coaster ride stopped with people onboard. 

Facebook photos shared to KSAT.com by Terri Scott Crysel show the coaster stuck at one of the initial lifts.

Crysel said she and her daughter waited in line for over an hour, and then had to leave the line when riders became stuck. 

Six Flags Fiesta Texas park spokeswoman Sydne Purvis released a statement to KSAT in regard’s to the incident:

"One of the many safety sensors that monitor the ride sent an alert, which caused the coaster to stop at the top of the initial lift. After approximately 45 minutes, guests resumed a normal ride cycle and unloaded at ground level. Following standard safety checks by park staff, the ride re-opened.”

Purvis added the sensors are much like the sensors in a car and are a built-in safety feature.

"They can cause a ride to stop for a number of reasons if anything minor is detected such as high winds or other weather conditions,” Purvis said in a email.

There were no reports of any injuries to the riders involved.

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