TPWD’s newest license plate features roadrunner, ‘one of the toughest birds around’

Nature fans can now buy the conservation plate for $30 a year

TPWD's Roadrunner Conservation License Plate. (TPWD)

SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Parks and Wildlife released its newest conservation license plate that features “one of the toughest birds around.”

The greater roadrunner conservation license plate launched on Tuesday and includes the bird in its “signature” proud stance, TPWD said in the news release. The imagery was derived from a photo by Texas wildlife photographer Hector Astorga.

“The greater roadrunner is an iconic image for Texans that can be seen in every county of the state and is one of the toughest birds around—it’s even known for eating rattlesnakes,” Shelly Plante, TPWD’s Nature Tourism manager, said in the release. “It’s also one of the few birds people recognize and remember the first time they see it, given its unique profile—all of which makes it the perfect symbol for Texas wildlife viewing and nature tourism.”

Nature fans can now buy it for $30 a year for their vehicles, RVs/travel trailers, trailers or motorcycles.

Proceeds will support wildlife programs like the Great Texas Wildlife Trails, Texas Paddling Trails and Great Texas Birding Classic, according to the release.

The release states that the TPWD Conservation License Plate Program has 11 plates, and over the last 22 years, they have raised $10.5 million for wildlife and habitat conservation.

“The conservation license plate program creates license plates that people enjoy and want to buy while also knowing their plate fee goes to the worthy cause of helping fund conservation projects in Texas,” Plante said.

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