VIA Primo project under construction

New faster service with more amenities for customers coming in 2012

SAN ANTONIO - A new transportation service is scheduled to come to San Antonio in 2012.

VIA Metropolitan Transit broke ground  Tuesday morning for construction of the first in-line station for the much-anticipated bus rapid transit project known as VIA Prímo.

Company officials said VIA Primo will ultimately provide transportation from the downtown area to Medical Center and all the way to UTSA.

Among the amenities from this new service; WIFI and individual reading lights on bigger more economically friendly buses.

The project has a budget of $65 million dollars and the first station is expected to be completed in 2012 with more to follow.

Keith Parker, president and CEO of VIA, said the idea behind VIA Primo is to change the perception of public transportation.

"For too long in San Antonio, people have thought of public transit as just for poor people," Parker said. "What we want to do is create a great ride for our every day customers, while attracting to the service. And you do that by making it nicer."

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