Exclusive: Hot air balloon wedding proposal

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SAN ANTONIO – Saturday, October 28 will be a day this couple will never forget.

While other families and friends gathered to watch hot air balloons inflate at the Skylight Balloon Festival, Jamie Hogue had no idea that her boyfriend of two and a half years, Ross Stifflemire, would ask her the single most important question of her life.

The pilot of the hot air balloon asked Jamie's whole family to join her for exclusive access inside while the hot air balloon was being inflated.

Nervous, he took her hand and bent down on one knee.

Camera lights flashing, Ross asked his girlfriend and best friend to marry him.

The college sweethearts met at Texas State University through mutual friends, and are now engaged... because Jamie said, "yes!" 

I was so surprised ! I was thinking it was coming soon, just because of how weird he was acting. But I didn't expect it right then and there at all," Jamie Hogue said.

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