Local cheer team soars to national heights

KIPP University Prep High School becomes brand ambassador for GTM Sportswear

SAN ANTONIO – KIPP University Prep High School’s varsity cheer team was selected to be a national brand ambassador for GTM Sportswear.

“It was kind have a surprise to us,” said cheerleader Destiney Andrews. “We are lucky to have it.”

This achievement is a great accomplishment for the school. Their main focus is to give students multiple opportunities to grow as leaders and acknowledgments like this help the school develop better pathways for success. 

KIPP University Prep High School is a local charter school that enables students from underserved communities to become leaders by empowering them with life skills and college preparedness. 

“Being brand ambassadors for GTM Sportswear means a lot to our community,” said coach Brittany Hill. “It shows that we can focus both on academics and athletics.”

The high school cheer team is now one of the only schools in the United States to hold the title as brand ambassadors for the sportswear company.

“We just loved them from the beginning,” said GTM Sportswear Creative Supervisor Jennifer Alonso. “They interacted with us quite a bit on social media which caught our eye.”

100% of KIPP University Prep Students from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 school years earned college acceptance. Now, a nationally recognized program like the varsity cheer team could lead to potential athletic scholarships for their students.

To get more information on KIPP University Prep High School, just head to their website http://kippsa.org/our-schools/kipp-university-prep/.

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