Go Public's Cool Schools Winner: January 2018

Congratulations to the Alamo Heights High School theatre arts program!


 Teamwork, dedication and creativity all come together within the Alamo Heights High School theater program.


"Everything we do is not because of me, it's because I have such amazing students and they make me look good," said theater director Andrew Denny.



For some of the students in the program, like Christina Tata, it's more than an extracurricular activity.



"When I was younger, I had a rare form of cancer," Tata said. "There was a chance that it could be reoccurring, and I was just really able to throw myself into makeup to distract myself. It was really great."



Tata is now the lead makeup artist on the team, and she is joined by her service dog, Zoe.



"She's become like a mascot almost; everyone loves her, everyone is so welcoming of her," Tata said.





The program also pairs up special needs students with peers for a one-of-a-kind performance scheduled later this spring.


 "Everyone finds their fight here in the theater club," Tata said. "I know it's been therapeutic for other people and not just me."


"Everyone finds their own way to use this program to their advantage." ~ Tata


For more on Alamo Heights High School, just visit http://ahhs.ahisd.net/.


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