Las Palapas creates exclusive "100 Club Special" plate for a limited time

The "100 Club Special" plate will be offered Jan. 20 - April 30.


You've heard a lot about Las Palapas lately with their great Roll Back Specials, and now they are teaming up with the 100 Club with an exclusive "100 Club Plate Special" only offered at Las Palapas.


What is the 100 Club?


The 100 Club of San Antonio serves the families of fallen local, state, and federal law enforcement, firefighters and first responders in Bexar County.


"I was always told by my mom, it's always better to give than to receive," Ron Acosta, Las Palapas CEO/Founder said.


Richard Miller, President of the 100 Club San Antonio, said Las Palapas is becoming a treasured donor for the 100 Club. 



(Pictured above: (Left) Founder/CEO of Las Palapas, Ron Acosta, (Right) President of the 100 Club San Antonio, Ron Miller


Richard Miller, President of the 100 Club San Antonio, emphasized that a large amount of the 100 Club donations comes from their corporate donors, especially by restaurants like Las Palapas.


Here's How You Can Make a Difference & Give Back to the 100 Club By Visiting Las Palapas


1. "100 Club Special" Plate Program at Las Palapas


  • Exclusive "100 Club Special" served at all of the Las Palapas locations

  • Each plate sold donates $1.00 to the 100 Club

  • The "100 Club Special" plate will feature some classic Mexican favorites including 1 Cheese Enchilada, 1 Chicken Flauta,1 Traditional Sope, rice & charro beans

  • Price is $5.99 or $6.74 with ice tea



Acosta said the goal is to raise a minimum of $50,000 to donate to the 100 Club of San Antonio to benefit the families of fallen First Responders.​​


2. 100 Club Round-Up Program at Las Palapas 

  • If you're a guest at Las Palapas, you can round up your bill to the next higher dollar amount and donate to the 100 Club (During Jan. 20 - April 30)

  • 100% of that donation goes to the 100 Club


3. Special Edition 100 Club Fiesta Medal Designed by Las Palapas 


  • Las Palapas will design a special edition 100 Club Fiesta medal
    (Only 1,000 available and offered from April 19-30)

  • $10.00 for a 100 Club Fiesta medal


We could not do what we do and expand our program without partners like Las Palapas. ~ Ron Miller



4 Great Things About Las Palapas


  • Open 24 hours a day 

  • Serving San Antonio for over 37 years

  • Breakfast is offered ALL DAY :) 

  • The food at Las Palapas is amazing & affordable for the entire family! You will LOVE it.

  • For more information about Las Palapas, you can check out their Facebook page @MyLasPalapas and website at


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    Below is a map of the 13 Las Palapas locations in the San Antonio area.


    Information courtesy: Las Palapas Restaurants