Family and Culture in Don Martin's Coffee Co.

If you have too much beer or wine, you can settle it with coffee


75 years of business and family

Don Martin's Coffee

Don Martin's Coffee Co. is a family owned business from San Antonio natives, the Correa Family. Don Martin's continues the tradition started with the original family business, Bar America by serving craft beers and wine.

Brian Correa decided to create Don Martin's because his grandfather enjoyed a good cup of coffee with some good conversation. "Don Martin" was a term of endearment that Brian's grandfather was called by a friend of his at Bar America and after combining his grandfather's nickname with his love for coffee, Don Martin's was born! What makes this place special is they also serve fresh Pan Dulce and palettas along with their delicious coffee.

Don Martin's has a positive atmosphere that is great for families, but also great for a nice drink during your lunch break. Join them to catch up with some friends or put your feet up and relax! 

So put on your Stacey Adams, pressed khakis, and your fedora and come in and enjoy the awesome atmosphere of Don Martin's Coffee Company!