These pups are fur-tastic!

Catch the Fur-tastic K9s at the San Antonio Pet Expo this weekend

SAN ANTONIO – The Fur-tastic K9s are an internationally recognized performance and stunt dog team that dazzle audiences with their astonishing tricks. 

Founder, trainer and disc dog competitor Felicia Foy has led this talented group of six dogs to shows and competitions all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Her dogs have performed alongside the Canine Stars and Houston Disc Dogs and her stunt videos have appeared on "Good Morning America."  

One of her star performers, Super Nova, is a born entertainer and a highly intelligent dog. Nicknamed "Nova," this 5-year-old Australian cattle dog has achieved celebrity status by placing in the top 10 finalists at the World's Most Amazing Dog competition. Super Nova, who can perform 300 tricks, is also one of very few dogs who can perform a handstand while balancing on her trainer's feet in the air. 

Surprisingly, her tricks aren't the most fur-tastic thing about her. Super Nova is also a trained diabetic alert dog and has saved Foy's life many times. After falling and hurting her head, Foy decided to scent-train Super Nova to detect when her blood sugar levels were low. Since people with diabetes release an odor from their mouth when their blood sugar levels change, Super Nova is able to prevent Foye from losing consciousness, by detecting the change.

Training dogs for show or service is no easy task, but starting them as puppies can be super helpful. If training begins at an early age, it may take only two years for a dog to learn these abilities. 

As puppies, trainers typically begin with basic behavioral tricks and commands, such as "stay," "sit" and
"lie down," which are the building blocks for more advanced tricks such as handstands, figure eights and jumping rope.

For those interested in training their pets to become show dogs, the Fur-tastic K9s are hosting a workshop Saturday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the Austin Highway Event Center, for the San Antonio Pet Expo. All you have to do is bring your dog and his/her favorite treats or toys.

Additionally, you can book the Fur-tastic K9s to perform at your next school, corporate or special event. For more information on these services, visit the company's website.