Working out never felt so good!

Purchase a membership at inBalance and help fund the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.

SAN ANTONIO – If you've ever dreaded going to the gym or felt like working out was a chore, you'll want to try a fitness class at inBalance. With workouts so fun that you forget you're putting in work, you'll never want to miss a class! 

Each workout class at inBalance was designed by its founder, Hope Pedraza, based on her background in dance and Pilates. You can jump on a trampoline during her Bounce class or dance your heart out during Body, all while breaking a sweat and building muscle strength. 

Pedraza's vision for inBalance is to create one place that offers every type of workout and is sustainable for all fitness levels and age groups. 

Even without heavy dumbbells, Pedraza says you can get a great workout in. While it may not look like much, you'll break a sweat doing these low-impact exercises with just your body weight or light dumbbells.

Most of the classes also incorporate high-impact movements because this studio (no pun intended) is all about balance. "It's that combination of those big dynamic movements with those smaller isometric movements that really make those changes in those smaller muscle groups," Pedraza says. 

Pedraza's been a dancer her whole life and fell in love with Pilates during college. After being presented with the opportunity to take over an existing yoga studio in San Antonio, she felt inspired to share her love of movement with the rest of the community.

An even bigger inspiration for Pedraza is her father, who passed away from muscular dystrophy (MD) a few years ago. To honor him and to help fund research and treatment for MD, Pedraza is donating a portion of every inBalance membership purchase to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

"We're all about building strong and healthy bodies at inBalance and MDA is about helping build strong bodies there with people with neuromuscular disorders," Pedraza says.

If you're ready to start your fitness journey at inBalance but you're not sure where to begin, start with one of  the yoga or Pilates classes. Here you will learn fundamentals such as body awareness that will prepare you for some of the more advanced classes.

However, every workout class at inBalance is scalable, and trainers are there to help you with any modifications you may need. 

InBalance also has an intro offer for those interested in trying out the classes before committing to a membership. For just $59, you can try two weeks of unlimited classes so you can get a feel for the studio and the instructors.

A plus for moms with young children is inBalance's babysitting services, which are offered on-site during some workout classes.

If you're interested in owning your own studio, direct message @inbalancesa on Instagram to learn more about how to franchise. For more information on inBalance memberships and scheduling, please visit the studio's website.