Organizing has never been so fun

Maybe we’re over selling it but these ideas will make you go, Wow!

SAN ANTONIO – This is one of our fabulous flashback segments with Professional Organizer, Karen Meade.

She did give us some brand new tips for working at home while in quarantine.

1.) Find a clear and flat surface you can use. If you don’t have an actual desk to work from, use a table of any type. Any hard surface that is set up to solely conduct work from will do, such as your dining room table that hasn’t been used since Christmas dinner 2019.

2.) A comfortable chair is really important for proper spine alignment. Ordering items online is a bit challenging these days, so try your best to use a chair you already have, or ask a friend, neighbor, or parent if they have a chair you can borrow. I’m sure they’d be happy to leave it on their front porch for you. Remember how important lumbar support is. If your current office chair is not as ergonomic as you desire, add a small throw pillow to make the appropriate adjustments for comfort and support.

3.) Move your desk or table near an electrical outlet so you can easily charge your electronic devices. Be careful to watch for any tripping hazards associated with your charging cords. Chances are, you’re sharing your home with members of your family right now, whom are also home. Don’t want any unnecessary accidents due to tripping.

4.) Need to print often? Keep your printer where it currently is - it’s good to get up from a seated position every hour or so and take a walk to the printer while stopping to grab a glass of water or piece of fruit. It’s important to move throughout the day, and to stay properly hydrated too.

5.) Gather some basic office supplies, such as paper clips, a stapler, a cup to hold some pens, pencils, and a pair of scissors. A small note pad or pack of post-its is helpful as well. Chances are you’ll be doing a bit more multitasking during work hours than usual, and it’s easy to forget all of the things on your mind. Jot things down as you think of them, and then continue on with your work. Don’t forget to revisit that list.

Check out more on Karen Meade’s website.

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