4 tips for maintaining solar panels

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SAN ANTONIO – Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, if you have solar panels on the roof, it’s important to regularly check the general condition of those panels, experts say.

To ensure your panels have longevity, South Texas Solar Systems has provided four tips on how to maintain your solar panels properly.

No. 1: Do weekly or bi-weekly checkups.

According to South Texas Solar Systems, the No. 1 strategy to prevent larger issues with solar panels is to do regular checkups.

It’s important to invest some time out of your day to track the state of your panels, especially after a big storm.

No. 2: Clean your solar panels.

Have a garden hose handy as you should wash the panels down, especially during a dry season. If it rains, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the panels; the rain should have removed any dust or pollen.

No. 3: How to monitor sun and shade.

Check your panels’ surroundings to monitor sun and shade levels. For example, a tree may grow a few feet and block your solar panels from getting sunlight.

No. 4 Keep a handy journal.

If you prefer to have notes on your smartphone or the old fashioned way with paper, write down your last maintenance checkups and keep track of any issues that may occur with the solar panels.

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The company says it can even do a contactless install, which is key during the current pandemic.

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