Considered braces? Take selfies from your phone to get free dental consultation

Whole process takes less than 5 minutes

Celebrate Dental and Braces is offering its patients free virtual consultations for braces.

SAN ANTONIO – We are living in unprecedented times, and while we are doing our best to stay safe during the pandemic, maintaining proper hygiene is still an essential part of our lives.

As health practices are now open in Texas, you may still feel uncomfortable about leaving your home, and that’s OK.

If you have dreamed of improving your smile and have always wanted braces, don’t let the current situations stop you.

To combat COVID-19 ordinances, Celebrate Dental and Braces is offering virtual braces consultations.

Scheduling a virtual braces consultation is user friendly. You can visit, submit a few selfies and within the day, an orthodontist will have a price and consultation workup back to you. The whole consultation is complimentary, and the process takes less than five minutes.

Celebrate Dental and Braces treats improper bites jaw misalignment, teeth crowding, overbites and underbites, crooked teeth and facial reconstruction.