4 key signs you may have ‘Low-T,’ and how you can get help

1 in every 5 men aged 60+ suffers from low testosterone, medical experts say

An estimated 23 million men experience roadblocks from testosterone that make them feel the same way.

SAN ANTONIO – Guys, have you found yourself feeling like you’re not 100%? An estimated 23 million men experience roadblocks from testosterone that make them feel the same way.

Decreased testosterone levels can produce an increase in anxiety and a loss of self-esteem and confidence.

Low-T doesn’t just affect men who are middle-aged -- even guys in their 30s can experience testosterone loss, but many are turning to testosterone pellets for help.

Male Medical Group has provided four symptoms of low testosterone to look out for before you consider testosterone therapy.

Those include:

1. Hot flashes or night sweats

When your body can’t maintain a normal core temperature, you will feel extremely hot, even in air conditioning, according to Male Medical Group. Your chances of sweating at night are more likely to increase.

2. Fatigue

Symptoms of chronic fatigue include extreme tiredness or fatigue that is not improved with adequate rest, hydration and nutrition.

3. Developing a mood disorder

Low-T can lead to major depressive disorder or sudden, unexplainable sadness, according to the men’s group.

4. Insomnia

Poor sleep quality can result in depression and anxiety. You can suffer from chronic sleep deprivation after a period of poor sleep quality.

According to the Male Medical Group, one in every five men older than 60 suffers from low testosterone.

Many men are reluctant to speak with their doctors about testosterone concerns. That’s why the men’s group helps make the conversation easier for its patients.

Are you experiencing signs of low testosterone? If you are interested in meeting with a professional, the group offers the latest treatments for its patients who are looking to improve their image and regain their self-confidence, including services in weight loss, hormone replacement therapy and hair restoration.

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