Free (virtual) summer camp with Coyote Peterson

Animal expert + host of "Brave Wilderness" turns summer instructor for camp

SAN ANTONIO – Wasps, alligator snapping turtles and crazy catfish, just a few of the animal encounters Coyote Peterson has faced.

“You may see me do a slew of crazy things,” Peterson said. “What I do is meant as an educational tool.”

This week he teams up with Varsity Tutors for a free summer camp class titled The Brutal Truth of Bites.

“Amidst several limitations, a lot of summer camps are cancelled, so this is a great way to keep kids learning,” Peterson said.

Coyote Peterson is known for his YouTube channel, “Brave Wilderness” and “Brave the Wild” on Animal Planet. He often times will let animals or insects bite and sting him, for educational purposes.

“It seems to be everybody’s favorite content on the YouTube channel, so the subject matter is perfect,” Peterson said.

The Emmy Award-winning host will share his fascination with the animal kingdom with learners of all ages.

“A lot of these species you can actually encounter in your backyard right now,” Peterson said.

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