How to celebrate Independence Day safely during a pandemic

What you need to know to have a happy Fourth, keep yourself + your family safe

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a weird time for a celebration, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, safely, with a few tips from a care coach.

MagnaReady CEO and inventor Maura Horton is a care coach and caregiving expert. She shared some of her knowledge on SA Live this week.

What guidelines should families be following this weekend?

“Even though they’re your family and you feel comfortable with them doesn’t mean that you should feel safe enough to not protect yourself,” Horton said. She advises people to still wear a mask around extended family, keep their distance and wash hands frequently.

What precautions should seniors be taking this Fourth of July?

“You really should necessarily hug or get close for a long period of time,” Horton said. She said while seniors shouldn’t give hugs, they can do an elbow or fist bump and use hand sanitizer generously.

You can always do something creative for the seniors in your life and deliver a care package, send a video or call them and talk on the phone for a while.

She also suggested one person be assigned to serve all the food so everyone isn’t near it, buffet style.

Where can people go for more information?

Send an email to MagnaReady@gmail.com.


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