Take a peek inside Ooyoo Pan’s macaron-making process and how you can order them

These Instagram-loving macarons taste as heavenly as they look

SAN ANTONIO – It’s often regarded as one of the most difficult desserts to make - the macaron.

The difficulty in making the perfect macaron relies on countless factors: the exact mixture of egg whites to almond flour, the exact temperature of the syrup mixture, even the folding process of all the mixtures are key in obtaining a perfect consistency in producing a smooth shiny macaron shell (and let’s not forget, it has to taste good too).

Two college students have just about perfected the process and formed Ooyoo Pan, specializing in Korean-style macarons, which are double-stuffed and often colorfully designed. All of the sweets are carefully made from scratch in their north-side kitchen. For owner and creator, Nari Hodges, the macaron-making process is challenging, but therapeutic as well.

“I just love the whole process,” said Hodges. “I can see people really enjoying it...I just love bringing that happiness to people”.

Macaron sales go live on Mondays at 7 p.m. on their website ooyoopan.com.

The variations include character macarons and the flavors are endless, including: chai, milk tea, Oreo, fruity pebbles and Nutella. SA Live’s favorite was the lavender-flavored macaron.

Just a few of Ooyoo Pan's macaron flavors. (KSAT)

Here’s the difference between macarons and macaroons.

Macaron: consists of two light meringue biscuits sandwiched together with a sweet ganache (pictured above).

Macaroon: consists of a coconut and egg mixture baked into a cookie.