Swap the carbs for these easy cauliflower breakfast recipes

Founder of Cali’flour Foods shares two easy breakfast recipes to sneak in veggies

Founder of Cali’flour Kitchen Amy Lacey shares and easy way to sneak in veggies for breakfast.

After being diagnosed with Lupus, she decided she needed to find an alternative for gluten-free foods in the store that had added fillers.

“That’s when I decided to start Cali’flour Foods,” Lacey said.

She measured the success of the product by her inflammatory reactions and finally came up with healthy and delicious alternatives to some of her favorite foods!

In her cookbook, Cali’flour Kitchen, you’ll find guilt-free recipes for every carb craving! Welcome back pizza, pasta, cookies, and sandwiches with 125 recipes!  Click here for more on the book and click here to go to her website.

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