Remodeling? Home expert offers tips on best windows for the Texas climate

Taking the guess-work out of which window is best for Texas

Window Expo has energy efficient windows built just for Texas that are completely customizable, beautiful, and can help keep warm air in your house and cut costs on your energy bill.

How do you figure out what kind of windows are best for the hot Texas climate?

As we are spending more time at home during the pandemic, home remodeling has been a priority for some families.

If you are considering getting new windows this winter, Window Expo and Bath Expo listed some tips on what to look for when selecting windows in the Texas climate.

Best windows for the hot Texas climate:

  1. Think about which window frame material is best for the Texas weather. Although it’s a cheap option, wood is susceptible to rotting because of the Texas humidity.
  2. Aluminum is another affordable option, but it’s easier to damage because of the material being more pliable than others, and with hail being something we Texans deal with often, aluminum can dent easily.
  3. Vinyl windows are the best option for Texas homes since they’re made from a sturdy material that can last the testament of time, through heat and hail.

Window Expo offers energy-efficient windows built just for Texas, that are completely customizable. They might even help you cut costs on your energy bill.

The company aims to provide the highest quality of products with superior installation and a phenomenal experience with the team, representatives said.