6 tips on how to ace a virtual interview

Test your internet connection, WiFi prior to interview

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SAN ANTONIO – As society has adapted to the new norm to hold events virtually, technology continues to evolve in the workplace to help save time and increase efficiency.

There are more opportunities to have job interviews without ever having to leave your house. Many employers are now using Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams to communicate.

If you are going to have a virtual interview, here are some steps to consider before meeting with the interviewer.

1. Position yourself in a well-lit, quiet, clean space.

Look around your house and find areas that are well-lit and clean to conduct your interview. Virtual interviews provide an intimate glimpse into your personal life.

Give a great first impression by keeping your space clean and limit any noise distractions you may encounter.

2. Test your technology beforehand.

In order to have a successful virtual interview, you need a strong internet connection. Check your technology several times before the interview and leading up to the interview.

Double-check your WiFi connection, video and audio. Being technologically savvy is a great skill that employers are looking for, especially since more companies are focusing on the work-from-home model.

3. Dress for success/appropriately.

Even though the interview will be virtual, wear attire you would normally have to an in-person business interview. It’s always best to dress for the job you want. Avoid wearing bright colors -- stick to neutral colors. You don’t want the wardrobe to be the focal point of the interview.

4. Keep Your virtual identity professional.

Have a professional email address or username when scheduling the interview with the employer. Once you are using Zoom or Teams for the actual interview, your name description will appear, and it’s important to give a great first impression -- this isn’t the time for nicknames.

5. Keep a list of notes handy.

During the interview, it’s important to be prepared -- that means having all your research and notes next to you. Educate yourself about the company and the position for which you are seeking employment and have those handy.

6. Follow up.

After your interview, reach out to the interviewer by email to reiterate your interest in the job, and to thank them for their time.

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