4 benefits an air purifier can have on your health, environment

Purifier helps to kill bacteria, fungus

Benefits of going solar, learn how to get a free air purifier | SA Live | KSAT12
Benefits of going solar, learn how to get a free air purifier | SA Live | KSAT12

If you have bad allergies or a large amount of pet hair in your home, you’ve probably already considered a deep clean to your home before loved ones come over for the holidays.

But thinking past the holidays, wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t a worry in some of the places you frequent most?

If you haven’t heard, there are actually many benefits that come from using an air purifier -- at home or work.

Here are four to consider, according to South Texas Solar Systems:

1. Air purifiers help you and your family/employees breathe easier.

Harmful particles such as mold spores and bacteria are removed with air purifiers. This helps keep your home and workspace a safe and healthy place.

2. Air purifiers work to remove airborne pollen, helping people to breathe.

All types of pollen can wreak havoc on allergy suffers throughout the year, specifically during the Cedar season, in South Texas.

3. They might be able to help people fight allergies.

For some, allergies are seasonal, but for others, they last all year long. In order to get the best relief, it’s important to have a clean environment to go to when your symptoms are acting up.

4. Protects electronic and digital equipment from harmful dust build-up.

As more people are working from home, now more than ever it is important to have equipment that works properly. Air purifiers can help eliminate excessive dust that may get into computers, keyboards or laptops.

With every solar system a customer at South Texas Solar Sytems purchases, that person will receive one free Jade Air Filtration System. According to South Texas Solar Systems, Jade Air Filtration Systems remove bad air created from bacteria, viruses and fungus, with its six stages of filtration. The company continues to practice social distancing and COVID-19 safety procedures when working with staff and customers.

South Texas Solar Systems is also giving a tax credit for those who are going solar through the end of the year, along with some other perks. Check with your utility provider for any solar energy buy back programs.

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