Eliminating ‘beard itch’ & other tips for men

“No Shave November” with The Boardroom Salon for Men

Shaving tips for 'No Shave November' from The Boardroom Salon For Men.

SAN ANTONIO – After a month of growing it out, lots of men have questions about their facial hair, or they’re just ready to get rid of it. Either way, The Boardroom Salon for Men is ready to help.

“Why does my beard get itchy?”

Beard hair is very coarse. If it starts to itch it’s probably because you’re not moisturizing it. There are specific products called “beard softeners” that will help the itching.

“Is it ok to shave my beard with a razor?”

It’s best to trim you beard down first with an electric trimmer. The skin on your face will thank you.

“How can I avoid cuts and bumps?”

After trimming the beard down, place a warm towel on your face. The towel will open your pores and pull any ingrown hairs to the surface. It will help diminish razor burn because the razor will cut, instead of yank or pull.

“Do I need shaving cream?”

Yes, shaving cream will lubricate your face and create a think layer of protection between the blade and skin. Applying it in a circular motion will help the hairs stand-up and you’ll get a better shave.

“Is it better to have more blades?”

The Boardroom says a single blade will do the job. They say, if you use razor with 5 blades, for example, you’ll be going over 1 spot 5 times. That can irritate the skin faster, especially if you have sensitive skin.

“Does going against the grain give you a closer shave?”

It will give you a closer shave, but if you have sensitive skin it might not be a good idea. Many guys have sensitive skin on the neck, so that spot might be especially vulnerable if you go against the grain.

If you have any more question or need help The Boardroom Salon for Men is open and ready to a great shave and hair cut.

By the way, the KSAT Reporters team was one of the top “No Shave November” fundraising groups in the country. Raising nearly $10,000 to fight cancer.

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