Multi-Assistance Center aimed at providing care for people with special needs set to open in 2022

The MAC focuses on collaborative care, centralized services

The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland is a one-stop-shop model that provides medical and non-medical services for individuals with special needs of all ages in one setting and platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have temporarily closed Morgan’s Wonderland in 2020, but work is still going on to make it bigger and better, spreading its message for inclusion.

Morgan’s Wonderland has several projects in the works right now, including the Multi-Assistance Center. The MAC, as it’s also known, is set for construction in late January with 165,000 square feet.

“It’s designed to be a one-stop shop where individuals with special needs of all ages can come to The MAC to get all the services that they need in areas of medical, therapy and social services,” said Allen Castro, CEO of Morgan’s Wonderland. “We have found is that individuals with special needs require a whole array of services that are spread out all over the community, and this presents challenges to them to get to these services.”

These services will be integrated, coordinated and provided through an innovative care model, called The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Care Model.

“We feel that this approach can further solidify San Antonio’s reputation as Inclusion City USA as proclaimed by city councilmen in 2015,” Castro said.

Morgan’s Wonderland is anticipating opening its doors in mid-2022 for The MAC. To learn more about the developments, click or tap here.