Matthew McConaughey shares his family quarantine experience + his respect for Tom Brady

Academy Award-winning actor shares more about New York Times Best Seller “Greenlights” with Jen Tobias-Struski

Texas star Matthew McConaughey continues his chat with SA Live's Jen Tobias-Struski. This time, they catch up on family, inspiration for roles, Texas football and more. Watch the video to hear McConaughey weigh in on Sunday's big game.


It’s been almost a year since the pandemic took over our country and all of us (including the movie stars we all love) have been forced to quarantine and social distance, that includes Matthew McConaughey. You’ll notice his longer hair (he hasn’t cut it since the pandemic started) and if you follow him on social media, you know his mother, Kay McConaughey, now lives with Matthew and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, and their three children.

Matthew McConaughey's children took his magazine photos while they were in quarantine. (Instagram)

“It has its challenges, I think everyone knows that in some fashion its at least been awkward for everyone trying to hunker down,” McConaughey said. “We chose to go get my mother out of the retirement community about 10-11 months ago, so it’s her, myself, Camila and our three kids and now four dogs.”

He goes on to joke “so when I always say I wanted eight kids my whole family is like, well now you got it, so you got mom, Levi, Livingston, Vida and four dogs, well it’s not really eight but it is eight.”

McConaughey’s mother, who is affectionately referred to as K-Mac, is 89 years old and most would agree, she’s living her best life.

“As long as she has a book to read and a cold glass of Kendall-Jackson (wine) at 5:30, she’s easy,” McConaughey said. “But boy, don’t run out of books and don’t run out of KJ, you run out of those two, it’s hell around the house.”

According to videos on instagram “K-Mac” has built a close bond with Camila McConaughey, which includes doing live Instagram videos, cooking together and Camila even dies Kay’s hair.

Camila Alves McConaughey coloring Kay McConaughey's hair (Instagram)

“Her and my wife have really struck up a nice friendship,” Matthew said.

Matthews tells us it was Camila’s idea to bring in Kay to her live shows of “Women of Today” on Instagram.

“And damn does she enjoy it,” he said. “Mom’s the one that comes up afterwards and goes now to Camila ‘what were the comments like?’ (he laughs)

It’s no surprise why Matthew McConaughey is not camera shy.

“She’s diggin it, she’s 89 and she’s feeling current,” McConaughey said. “She’s great, she’s funny in front of the camera and loves to do it. She’s actually the bigger diva than anybody else in the family.”


Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for his role as Ron Woodroof in "Dallas Buyers Club" (FOCUS FEATURES)

In McConaughey’s book, “Greenlights,” he mentions how he lost 50 pounds for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club” eating only egg whites, fish, tapioca pudding and “as much wine as I wanted to drink.”

In the interview with SA Live we asked how he is able to get into character.

“If it’s a good script and a really well-written character

“I originally got the offered the role of Marty Hart that Woody played but the guy that I wrote down ‘I can’t wait to hear what comes out of his beeping mouth every time I turn the page was Rustin Cohle,” McConaughey said. “I was shocked out of what came out of his mouth, I got tingles--this guy has identity.”

McConaughey goes on to say he prefers characters that have “a really, strong, strong strong, identity” and he is usually “attracted to sort of the outcasts.”


When asked if he had a pick for Sunday’s big game between The Buccaneers and the Chiefs, Matthew goes on to chat about his admiration for Tom Brady.

“Just look at math, 43, leaves his team, been in the playoffs every year since I don’t know, a decade, doesn’t make the playoff, goes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they make the playoffs, that’s already extraordinary, wait they win their first playoff game, what! They go win the NFC Championship, What! They’re in the Super Bowl, what?” McConaughey said about his perspective on the “subplot” in the big game. “What if he wins the Super Bowl, talk about redefining awesome and potential.”

No surprise, McConaughey is loving the backstory on this big game.

“So I’m kinda leaning on that would be beautiful, cause that would inspire so many,” he said. “It would just trump the gesture of inspiration.”

By the way, you will see #flatmatthew if you’re watching the game this Sunday in his big game Doritos commercial.


McConaughey’s book, “Greenlights” has been out since October and was number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list for until about two weeks ago. Barack Obama’s book is now in the top spot.

When asked how he feels about all the love from his fans...he goes on to say it’s the “truest form of art” that he’s ever put out.

“Here I am 14 weeks on the tour of talking about this book, I’m still at number 2 in the New York Times Best Seller, that tells me that it’s translating.” He said. “It’s becoming more than ‘hey let’s read about Matthew McConaughey’s life, it’s becoming now what he’s saying about his, is shining a light on my own life and that makes me feel great.”

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