Non-profits and small businesses team up to help feed people and protect animals

The San Antonio Zoo, Animal Defense League and other non-profits lending helping hands to keep everyone safe

Here's a handful of businesses and non-profits coming together to serve food and save animals

SAN ANTONIO – In times of need, it’s no surprise many non-profits and small businesses in San Antonio join hands to make sure no one is left out.

“Barrio Barista donated over a hundred eggs and What’s Brewing donated two gallons of whole milk so we can make lattes,” owner of PhiloCoffee said in a short video she sent to SA Live.

Barrio Barista and What’s Brewing are in way affiliated with PhiloCoffee, yet they were forced to close their business and decided to help keep Philo Coffee, located at 606 W. French Place. They were one of the few businesses that remained open as the second round of snow came through south Texas on Thursday.

And when it comes to animals in San Antonio, The San Antonio Zoo is lending a helping hand to the Primarily Primates sanctuary in Leon Springs.

“We took in some of their primates and put them where we could, including offices at the zoo,” CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow said.

Unfortunately, Primarily Primates lost 12 primates and although they have power now, they are still in need of donations: blankets, water, cleaning supplies, fruit (to feed the primates). Click here to find out more on how you can donate.

Morrow credited his zoo crew for thinking fast to move reptiles and flamingos into indoor enclosures after their water pump lost power, which usually heats the water to 78 degrees.

“Sleeping at zoo, often times leaving their own homes where they are having their own problems with power and water,” Morrow said about his zoo team.

The zoo has set up an emergency fund for monetary donations to help them with repairs and maintenance after this week’s storm, click here.

The Animal Defense League also kept their staff on site to care for their dogs and cats.

“Our care for the pets has not subsided, we are asking for donations of any fleece blankets,” Michelle Thorson said.

The San Antonio Food Bank has set up weekend emergency food distribution sites. Click here for more on those sites.

The Cleft of the Rock Church, located at 6041 Wt. Montgomery Rd., is also teaming up with the San Antonio Food Bank to give away food boxes this Saturday, February 20, from 9 - 11 a.m. Click here to register.

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