Plant-based shepherd’s pie with a bit of luck thrown in

Try this modern take on a St. Paddy’s Day favorite from Before the Butcher

Try this modern take on a St. Paddy's Day favorite, Shepherd's Pie, with a little extra luck thrown in.

SAN ANTONIO – With St. Patrick’s Day arriving before we know it, SA Live decided to get festive with an old March 17 favorite, shepherd’s pie.

Danny O’Malley, president and founder of Before the Butcher, shows off his recipe for a plant-based shepherd’s pie with some extra luck mixed in (hint: it’s green peas).

Fun fact: The name “shepherd’s pie” usually indicate’s the use of lamb in the recipe. It’s sometimes referred to as “cottage pie” if other meats are used.

Check out the recipe below.

Before the Butcher's Shepherd's Pie plant-based recipe (Before the Butcher)

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