This may be the most environmentally conscious beer you will ever drink

Alamo Beer Co. makes great beer with environmentally sustainable processes

Gregg Spickler, Brewmaster at Alamo Beer Co., shares some of their Earth Day appetizers that are made with sustainable and reusable ingredients.

San Antonio – Alamo Beer Company had already set itself apart by being the only beer to bear the Alamo name since 1919, and it is doing it again by creating their product with sustainable processes.

In order to properly explain their sustainability practices, check out the information from the Alamo Beer Co. website:

CO2 Recapture

As the largest brewhouse in San Antonio, Alamo Beer Co is now equipped to recapture waste carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its production process, purify it, and reuse it onsite to carbonate Alamo Beer. The CO2 recapture system from Earthly Labs results in a “cleaner, less expensive source of a critical ingredient and a measurable improvement in the quality of their beer,” according to the technology website.

Spent Grains

Alamo Beer Co. proudly partners with Grain4Grain, a local food tech startup that utilizes the spent grain from the brewing process to create a low carb, high protein flour. Spent grain is the number one byproduct from breweries, and this innovative technology allows the upcycling of the grain in under 20 minutes to provide a healthy and sustainable ingredient at an affordable price. A portion of the spent grain are also fed to cows and pigs on San Antonio-area farms such as, Trae Pawly with Texas Piedmontese so that none of the grain is truly wasted.

Hays Street Bridge

Nestled under the historic Hays Street Bridge in Eastside San Antonio, the Alamo Beer Co. Beer Garden + Kitchen building was built with discarded pieces of the bridge within its infrastructure. Bridge parts have been repurposed by local artists, whose sculptures beautify the beer garden grounds. In addition, the main bar top in the beer hall is made from repurposed wood from the Hays Street Bridge.

Solar Panels

When Alamo Beer opened its doors in 2016, they did so with Texas sized pride, partly because of the creative contributions from One80 Solar. The collaboration yielded an Alamo-shaped solar panel array atop the beer company’s brewery, allowing them to use renewable energy to power their facilities.

Using solar energy to support the production process is a unique win for both the solar and beer industries. “We’re committed to producing a quality product: great beer,” said Eugene Simor, CEO of Alamo Beer Company. “Doing so by using a sustainable energy source makes it a win not only for us, but for the entire community.”

Alamo Beer Co. Solar Panel (One80 Solar)

So in the case of Alamo Beer Company, do your part to save the drinking a beer.