Flamin’ Hot Cheetos chicken-on-a-stick?! Meet your new favorite Fiesta food

¡Bucho! Tejano Street Fare puts new twist on San Antonio staple

It's a staple of Fiesta: chicken-on-a-stick. But you know what would make it even more puro San Antonio? Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Watch the video to be in Fiesta food heaven.

SAN ANTONIO – Chicken-on-a-stick is a Fiesta staple. But what happens when you combine it with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Magic, that’s what!

¡Bucho! Tejano Street Fare is putting a new twist on the classic chicken-on-a-stick. Watch the video above to feast your eyes.

You can find their food at Bar America and Amor Eterno. For more information on ¡Bucho! Tejano Street Fare, click here.

Viva Fiesta, and don’t skimp on the pickled jalapeño!

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