The love birds from “Virgin River” have chemistry on and off screen

The Netflix hit show returns this month with hints of a huge cliffhanger and possible season 4

Jen Tobias-Struski chats with Alex Breckenridge and Martin Henderson of "Virgin River"

SAN ANTONIO – It’s one of the favorite TV couples on Netflix: Jack and Mel of “Virgin River.” Alex Breckenridge and Martin Henderson are opening up about playing these emotional characters on the hit show.

“Luckily I’m so damaged, it’s sort of just easy for me...(laughter) I’m just kidding,” Henderson joked.

When asked why this couple is so popular, Henderson responds with a flirtatious “well, the woman’s hot,” response while Breckenridge came back with a “you’re not so bad yourself.”

The pair obviously enjoys on and off-screen banter, similar to their roles in the number one show on Netflix this week.

If you already binged the new episodes and you’re wondering about season 4, Breckenridge is hinting about the possibility, considering the “big shocker” at the end of season 3.

“That remains to be seen if we get picked up again,” Breckenridge said.

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