A home office makeover for any budget

Your work area, a happy space? Say it ain’t so.

SAN ANTONIO – “Working from home” has become routine--it even has its own acronym, “WFH”, and when more and more hours are spent in your home office, it’s important to make sure you’re in an organized space you’re happy to be in.

We caught up with professional designer, Carla Royder, with Carla Royder Designs and Co, to discuss a posh home office transformation you have to check out for yourself.

To start off, Royder took many of her client’s personal items and mementos and framed them in white in order for them to “pop” when hung on a newly painted black wall. Here’s the result:

Pops of color throughout when placed on a black wall. (KSAT-12)

Quite a difference from what this office looked like before:

One homeowner's home office before the makeover. (KSAT-12)

Here are some more pics of Royder’s design choices. We love them all:

More personal mementos incorporated into the space (KSAT-12)
The corner of this home office also features a sitting area in case you need a little break from work (KSAT-12)
Color-coding is one way to stay organized (and it's totally pleasing to the eye) (KSAT-12)

Check out the full story in the video above for more and be sure to visit Carla Royder’s website here.